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CMA Ecocycle featured in the Australian mining review

The Australian Mining Review

CMA Ecocycle was recently featured in the June issue of The Australian Mining Review.

Mining waste comes in many different forms, and unfortunately, a large number of its compounds that are extracted are mixed with poisonous materials such as cadmium, arsenic and mercury.

CMA Ecocycle works with many of the larger mining waste companies, we also work directly with large industrial clients to help keep hazardous contaminants out of the environment. We are the only company in Australia with the experience to handle, process, and recycle the mercury contained in the many complex waste streams generated by the mining, gas, and petro-chemical industries.

From mercury-based catalysts, activated charcoal and sludge, through to contaminated soil and mining ore, we do it all.

You can learn more about how CMA Ecocycle helps combat mining waste in our our full feature in The Australian Mining Review online here.

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