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Dear Customer/Supplier

CMA Ecocycle has taken over the business of Ecocycle Australia Pty Ltd and this is effective from 1st October 2015.

All assets that were used in carrying out business are now owned by CMA Ecocycle. This includes all stillages (used for storing and transporting fluorescent tubes and globes), all dental amalgam traps, boxes for transporting tubes and globes and any other ancillary equipment used from time to time.

All invoices raised before 1st October 2015 must be paid to Ecocycle Australia Pty Ltd and all invoices raised on and from 1st October 2015 must be paid to CMA Ecocycle Pty Ltd.

We would like to thank our customers and suppliers for your support and we would also like to take this opportunity to advise that CMA Ecocycle who has taken on our business has all the relevant licences and more importantly the commitment to ensure the type of service you expect is delivered.

Ecocycle Australia Pty Ltd will no longer be involved in the Mercury/Silver recovery/Recycling business from 1st October 2015.

All enquiries related to service and payment details should be directed to Tyson Ord - 0433 205 840 or Nick Dodd - 0419 381 462 at CMA Ecocycle Pty Ltd.

CMA Ecocycle